New paintings and etchings at the


opening at 6.30 pm on

Thursday 8th DECEMBER 2011

until January 20th

An exhibition of  jewellery, ceramics, glass, original art, sculpture by over 100 selected British artists featuring




This page includes just a few highlights of the exhibition

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Patrick Smith, Trevor Price


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Lynn Muir, Mychael Barrratt,

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Garry Jones, David Fry, Virginia Dowe-Edwards

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Anita Klein, Graham Muir, Adam Aaronson

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Fiona Mazza, Paul Smith, Jeremy James

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'Hobs' by Ian Jackson

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Romey Brough

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Mychael Barratt, Trevor Price

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Lynn Muir, John Maltby


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John Maltby, Paul Smith, Jeff Soan

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Lynn Muir

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Garry Jones, Virginia Dowe-Edwards

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Alex McCarthy ceramics

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Philip Hearsey, bronze

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Graham Muir, Adam Aaronson

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Joanne Mitchell





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'Wave' form - please look after 11th Nov to see the actual piece in the show

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Graham Muir - below.... forming a 'Wave'

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Final stage of forming a 'Wave' - removal of the iron




1961                            Born Edinburgh, Scotland.

1983                            Graduated Edinburgh College of Art, B.A. Hons Glass Design.

1984                            Commissions undertaken for glass engravings of dancers from the Saddlers Wells and Royal Ballet dance companies.

1985/86                       Worked as a glass assistant for Jenny Antonio and Paul Musgrove.

1987                            Began own business Graham Muir Glass Design.

1990                            Joined the council of the Scottish Craft Centre as vice-chairman.

1990-99                       Employed as lecturer in glass at Sunderland University and later at the National Glass centre.

1991                            Joined working group with a remit to form a new crafts organisation for Scotland

1992                            Employed as head of senior art at Cademuir International School, Peebles.

1999- Present              Built new hot glass studio in Duns, in the Scottish Borders.

1999                            Invited as demonstrator at the British glass symposium, National Glass Centre

2005                            Selected for Chelsea Craft Show and awarded a grant by the Scottish Arts Council

2010                            Invited to exhibit and demonstrate at Art in Actio

2010                            Selected to exhibit at the British Glass Biennale 2010

2011                            Selected to exhibit at the Ivth International Glass Exhibition Luxembourg


















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'Deep Cries to Deep' watercolour £200

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'What is Man that thou art mindful of Him -Two and a Half Sisters Glencoe'  watercolour £400

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Barnscape Wensleydale - Monoprint £175 framed

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Across Loch Ewe to Torridon & Ben Eigh, Etching £95 framed

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Highland Cow, drypoint print £90 framed

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High Tower Lindisfarne Castle, etching£120 framed

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Red Deer on Rum - lino print  £95 framed





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 ArtistRomey Brough NDD, ATD has been developing a reputation as a sensitive painter and illustrator since her early days at Harrow School of Art
Her work is now exhibited and collected around the world by galleries, corporations and private individuals as she continues her explorations into media, technique and emotion.

Lately she has been developing the technique of monoprinting, a technique used by Degas and others, involving painting acrylic onto glass and transferring the image onto paper.

The appeal of monoprinting for Romey is to do with the contrasts of texture produced by the interaction of chemicals in the paint - the impossibility of repeats of any image - and the the need for the observer to slow down and contemplate the effect that the colour and texture has in stimulating their imagination.

“In my images, I use the juxtaposition of colours and textures to give the illusion of horizontal and vertical planes, thereby recreating the magic of remembered moments and emotions”.

Click Here to go to Romey's website for more images

GILL DOUGLAS - paintings and etchings

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, she worked variously as a secretary and a social worker before completely changing direction at the age of  27. 

After five years at art college, in 1976 she qualified with a Diploma in Theatre Design at Nottingham and then came to York to work as a designer for the Theatre Royal for a year.

A period of freelance designing followed and  in 1989 after a lengthy time of illness, she began to  paint again and started  working full-time as an Artist and Theatre Designer. By 1998 she was painting full-time . Since  2004 she has  been studying for a Diploma in Printmaking part-time at York College.  Now having bought her own printing press she works as a Painter/Printmaker from ‘The Lighthouse', her studio and home, high above the bustling streets in the heart of York.


1991 - York Theatre      Royal

1995 - ‘Intimate Views’, Treasurers' House, York.

1996 - ‘A Wider View’, Treasurers' House, York.

1997 - ‘To The Lighthouse’, Langwith , University of York

1997 - ‘To the Islands and Beyond’,Treasurers' House, York


1998 - ‘In Search of Solitude’,Treasurers' House, York.

1999 - ‘On The Edge’, Treasurers' House, York.

2000 - ‘Turn of the Tide’,Treasurers' House, York.

2001 - ‘A Sea Change’, Treasurers' House, York.

2002 - ‘Painting up a Storm’, Treasurers' House,York.

2003 - ‘Painting up a Storm’, The Chambers Gallery, Moffat

2003 - ‘From a Storm to a Whisper’, Treasurers' House York

2004 - ‘Spirit of the Islands’, Treasurers' House, York

2005 - ‘A Tide that Sings’,Langwith, University of York

2005 - ‘A Dream of Islands’, The Chambers Gallery, Moffat

2008 -  ‘On the Edge’, Langwith, University of York





Joanne Mitchell’s studio is based in the U.K.’s National Glass Centre, in Sunderland.

She is an artist and designer who creates innovative, contemporary glassware for galleries, public and private commissions, and freelance product design for the glass industry.

Her unique, recognisable style combines understated yet striking shapes and textures, examining the tactility and sensuality of the material.

She is continually developing new work at the cutting edge of glass design, whether working with individuals, companies and corporate clients to produce designs tailored to their specific requirements, or in the development of her personal practice.

“I intend my designs to embody an aesthetic that goes beyond function, to express the material’s inherent qualities and engage the senses. I like to explore the tactility of glass through wheel cutting, cold-working and polishing techniques. I often return to themes of movement, physical interaction and negative space in my work.” Joanne Mitchell




click here to go to David Fry's website


Born :  Essex, England, U.K.

1965 – 69  :  Toolmaking and Electrical Engineering at  Crompton Parkinson’s Ltd, Chelmsford .

1965 – 69 : Chelmsford Tech College, day-release student.
(first became interested in making studio pottery with Joanna Constantinidis at Chelmsford College)
1969 – 70 : Foundation in Art  at Southend School of Art
1970 – 73 : Dip. AD  in Ceramics at Northumbria University (Newcastle Polyversity)
1981 : Teacher Training, Cert Ed. at Leeds University
















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