Jacqueline James woven rugs, Ilona Sulikova, ceramcis & Catherine Mahe, glass opens Fri 2 Feb at 6pm 2018

Colour and Pattern Galore! exhibition of Rug Weaving, Ceramics and Fused Glass

Jacqueline James, Ilona Sulikova & Catherine Mahé

exhibition opens Friday 2 February at 6pm and runs until March 12th

Jacqueline James with Ilona Sulikova and Catherine Mahe



Ceramic artist Ilona Sulikova, textile artist Jacqueline James and glass artist Catherine Mahé would like to invite you to their small group exhibition “Colour and Pattern Galore!”


Ilona Sulikova Ceramic Ariist

From her studio in York, Ilona Sulikova uses dry copper glaze to paint complex patterns on her hand built pots. The intention is to create dynamic sequences of rhythm and movement. In order to achieve fusion between the pattern and the spherical form, all her work is raku fired. This also means that she has to surrender some control over the final result which always retains an element of unpredictability.


Jacqueline James Textile Artist

Established weaver Jacqueline James specialises in making individually designed and custom dyed hand woven rugs for interiors. Each rug is made exclusively in her York studio using traditional techniques and durable materials. She enjoys creating bespoke rug commissions to perfectly match the colour scheme and design style of any interior.


Catherine Mahé Glass Artist

Manchester-based contemporary glass artist Catherine Mahé creates functional and decorative kiln formed pieces for the home. Her work is distinctively colourful and heavily inspired by print and fabric pattern. Catherine loves experimenting with different shades of colour and combining opaque and transparent glass for exciting light effects.

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