2016 Summer Ceramics Exhibition

Opening Friday 22 July with ceramics by


In her ceramic work, Michelle uses a mix of handbuilt, press mould and thrown techniques, creating work that is tactile and visually pleasing. Lines and text are inscribed into the surfaces and slips and oxides applied.

Her functional work embodies both utility and content, acting simultaneously as art pieces, whilst complementing the food thats eaten from them.

The series ‘Grasping the Orient’, was born from the visual and mental impact Japan had on her. The circle and cross imagery represents how experiences are carried with you throughout your life and never really have a cut off point, due to them infiltrating the past, present and future.

The series entitled ‘Youmeco’ celebrates the social time of eating and drinking, spending time with people you care for.
All the handbuilt and thrown pieces, available in a vibrant blue or green slip, incorporate text, derived from poems written about special relationships.


Graduating with a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Leeds University in the 1980s, Jennie was awarded a travel bursary by the Royal Society of Arts and used this to study the study the traditional arts and folklore of Mexico. Jennie then moved to London where she worked for several years as an illustrator before settling in Leicestershire and developing new skills in textiles, ceramics and bronze.

Jennie’s striking sculptures and illustrations are exhibited in shows nationwide and overseas. She has recieved several awards and has work featured in many private collections including the Royal Mail and the Royal Society of Arts.


Many artists have found inspiration in landscape and the natural world.  I find pleasure in seeing the vastness of erosion and weathering, of geographical and geological change, of time and decay, expressed microcosmically in a fragment of rock.  I have endeavoured to incorporate my visual and tactile responses to these phenomena in my work through abstract interpretations using press-moulding, hand-building and carving techniques.

Contrasts feature prominently in my work: contrasting shapes, surfaces, colours, techniques and processes.  Spiky and smooth, light and dark, controlled and unpredictable – it is through the tension of these contrasts that I ultimately create the balance within each piece.

The making process is controlled.  I spend a great deal of time smoothing the surface but spikes are often added one by one to provide a pleasing contrast.  Smoke firing is thenused to introduce an unpredictable surface pattern to the ceramic forms.  Finally copper leaf is used to embellish the surface adding warmth and vibrancy to the finished piece.

My work has frequently employed the sphere as its predominant shape, but more recently I have begun to manipulate and extend this form whilst still retaining the surfaces that have become intrinsic to my working practice.  Coiling and extruding techniques have been introduced in order to achieve more elongated shapes that create an interesting development from my pebble forms and indicate the new directions I intend to explore in the future


We work together in our studio and outlet situated at the Ginger Piggery Farm shop down the Wylye Valley in Wiltshire. After completing training at Dartington Pottery Devon in 1985, Rob and Vicky established their pottery. Over the years they have developed a wide range of products, selling in many recognised galleries and shops in the UK.

Rob throws and hand builds quirky designs, decorated with seaside and countryside images. He also produces a range of animals, including shell chickens puffins and penguins. All of Robs pots are Raku fired, brightly coloured with slips and coloured glazes, and highlighted with gold leaf.

Vicky works in cream based earthenware, all the pots are thrown, brush and sponge decorated with cherries, plums peaches, and other summer and autumn fruit. Mix and match collection includes jugs, bowls and breakfast cups.

Summer ceramics exhibition 2016
Summer ceramics exhibition 2016
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