Dragon by Bruce Hardwick is about to commence a journey to the Shetland Isles

A Journey to Shetland – delivering ‘Dragon’ April 2019

Bruce Hardwick’s ceramic dragon embarks on a journey to Lerwick in the Shetland Isles

The sculpture is too precious to be sent by carrier. It has wings, arms and a long curly tail that could snap off if the box is dropped, so Terry has decided to deliver it in person. The journey starts with careful wrapping and placing in a box. The padding is carefully positioned to ensure that pressure is not placed on vulnerable parts. It might have to survive a rough sea crossing!

The journey will start with a train journey from York to Aberdeen on Saturday 27th April

Terry with Dragon and box. On the walls are lino cut prints by Sarah Cemmick

Testing the box for size

careful positioning of the padding

Hopefully the padded dragon will still go in the box!


a beautiful Husky suddenly appeared. Do they use Huskies in Shetland by any chance?

It turns out that the Husky was just here to look at the sculpture by David Cemmick

Snow? no, packing chips made from potato starch. Snow would not do for packing a dragon – it would melt

The route – if going by car. We are going by train which follows the east coast up to Edinburgh