Koert Linde Exhibition from 30th Aug – 3rd Oct

Koert Linde was born in the Netherlands and studied painting and printmaking and animation at De Vrije Akademie in The Hague. Since the ‘70s his work has been exhibited in galleries in England, Scotland, and The Netherlands and shown at art fairs in London, Bath, Basel, Miami & New York.

An archaeology of the mind” one critic once called these paintings; others have called them gothic, mythical, and philosophical. I prefer to call them metaphysical “mysteries”.

I see these paintings as a form of contemplation, a kind of dreaming with your eyes wide open, a barricade against the onslaught of history. Applying traditional techniques of painting, combining memory and mythology to the task of awakening metaphysical wonder and disquiet. So that they build a swallow’s nest in your mind, or burrow a fox’s lair beneath your feet, liberate your reveries, dig up the buried and forgotten, or puzzle you with their enigmas. Whatever you think you see, don’t ask for an explanation. – Koert Linde August 2013

The present exhibition includes work from three series of paintings:

Witnesses, inspired by the ancient Greek Eleusinian mysteries, a religious cult devoted to Demeter and Persephone.

Icons, a modern face projected onto ancient sacred texts dedicated to saints, goddesses and legends.

Melancholia, playful variations on the Renaissance and Baroque Vanitas paintings of skulls and symbols of the passage of time.

There is no charge for entry. The exhibition is open every day from 10am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, Saturday 10am until 5.30pm & Sunday 11 am until 4.30pm.

Here are some of the pieces from the exhibition (click on them for more details):