Autumn Exhibition opens Friday 7 September 2018 at 6pm

Please join us for the opening of our Autumn Exhibition. Lithographs by ALAN STONES, Sculpture by JONATHAN NEWDICK and Ceramics by DYLAN BOWEN


ALAN STONES – original prints

Drawing, with the intention of making an edition of original prints is very different from the immediacy of a one-off drawing with, say, charcoal on paper.    For me, when making a print, the end product will usually end up being more considered and reflective.

In printmaking there are a variety of technical processes involved which, invariably throw up issues and then, inevitably, force a change of direction with the print.   These unforeseen problems are usually exasperating . . . but they can be inspiring!

Alan Stones

Alan Stones prints and original paintings
‘Dog’ original lithograph print by Alan Stones
Skein viii Lithograph by Alan Stones


Jonathan Newdick

Born in Yorkshire, Jonathan has been making sculpture for over 30 years, elected a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2004. Jonathan works from his studio in York carving sculptures in wood, stone and bronze.
Known for designing and sculpting York’s famous cat sculptures, Jonathan is also creating semi-abstract and figurative sculptures for public and private commissions. He has been exhibiting at Pyamid Gallery since 2013

Jonathan has been commissioned for sculptures to be sited both at home in the UK and more distant locations, in America, Scandinavia and India.

Jonathan has had experience of team leading in commission projects. This includes his work at York College where he is a Course Tutor in Art & Design.

Here Jonathan led successful programmes of student commissions over the past 15 years for clients such as York and District Hospital x-ray department, The York Viking Festivals, and sculpture trails at Hardcastle Craggs in West Yorkshire.

Family Group, bronze by Jonathan Newdick
Wheel of Life bronze sculpture by Jonathan Newdick


DYLAN BOWEN – ceramicist

Dylan Bowen has naturally inherited techniques from his father Clive Bowen, a master in the art of wood fired slipware. But Dylan has pioneered his own distinctive style, using the slips to loosely decorate sculpted plates, dishes and bottle forms that have a look of having been cut from a block of clay with a few dramatic strokes of a sword. Neatness, perfection or elegant are not adjectives to apply to Dylan’s work. Bold and expressive, immediate and loose are terms that come to mind when considering his pots. Even the small square bottles are somehow statuesque.

In recent years Dylan has been drawn to some sort of figurative style. Without a particular plan or intention, he has found himself to be the creative conduit for what he describes as ‘monsters’. These quizzical creatures appear to be trying to be frightening, but their childlike expressions and bizarre appearance make them endearing and almost cute. When I visited Dylan’s studio in 2017 to arrange this exhibition, I had no plan to buy monsters, but having purchased one from him in 2016, I found myself arranging 15 on his bench. They came back with me and most of those now usually stand on a shelf in my stock room, occasionally showing themselves in the gallery spaces downstairs. Sometimes a customer asks if with still have some (collectors usually want a second or third)  and we get them all out. It feels like I am calling my kids down from their hideaway to meet a important visitor. They then stare at the customer as if they have been interrupted from some naughtiness. Such moments are priceless for me as a gallery owner.    Terry Brett, Pyramid Gallery

ceramics and monsters by Dylan Bowen

DYLAN BOWEN – career

1991: Camberwell school of Art
1998: Set up studio in Oxford with Jane Bowen
2002: moved to present studio in Tackley

Selected Exhibitions
2015Ceramic Art London, 17th – 19th April
New Craftsman Gallery, St Ives, 28th March – 20th April
2014Clive and Dylan Bowen. The Oxford Ceramics GallerySlipware. Gallery Top
2013Collect. Saatchi GalleryCeramics Now. Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London
2012Scottish Gallery, EdinburghCeramic Art, London
2011Bowen and Bowen. Contemporary Ceramic Centre, LondonSlip. Ruthin Craft Centre
2010Ceramic Art, London
2009Slipware. Leach Pottery, St IvesCeramic Art. London
2008Painted. Contemporary Ceramic CentreHarrow School.
2007Ceramic Art, LondonWolfson College, Oxford
20063 Potters, Galerie Besson.

Dylan Bowen ceramics
slipware plates by Dylan Bowen


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