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In Praise of Hands

I have just received 5 copies of a beautiful work by distinguished artist Naoko Matsubara with poems, inspired by the vibrant woodcuts, by York writer and poet Penny Boxall. The books are for sale at £9.95 each.

woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara with poetry by Penny Boxall

Published by Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Penny Boxall is a writer who lives in York and was commissioned to write verses to accompany each of Naoko Matsubara’s woodblock plates. The images are inspired by hand movements observed while watching her son Yoshiki develop from a new born in 1973, but are not exclusively about the hands of infants.

I immediately related to this lovely collection of images and the poetic responses to those images. I too was  fascinating by the hand gestures made by my granddaughter Orla when she was less than 1 year old. She was able communicate with hand signs which were a constant source of pleasure to her, giving her control of her needs for milk, food , more of anything or assistance to operate something.  The short poems are Penny Boxall’s personal responses to the woodblock prints and add further insight or interpretation that helps to make sense of some of the more obscure  images.  Terry Brett December 2020

Available now at Pyramid Gallery.


Penny Boxall’s debut collection, Ship of the Line, won the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award, Scotland’s largest poetry prize. Who Goes There? followed in 2018. In Praise of Hands, her collaboration with woodblock artist Naoko Matsubara, was published in November 2020 by the Ashmolean Museum. She has held residential fellowships at Merton College, Oxford, Hawthornden Castle, Gladstone’s Library and the Chateau de Lavigny. She is the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of York. Penny won the 2018 Mslexia International Poetry Competition, and has received a Northern Writers’ Award and a grant from the Author’s Foundation to support the writing of her next collection. She went to school in York, and has lived in the city again since 2018.

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