DEBBIE LOANE – The Peace of Wild Places, exhibition of paintings

Opening Friday 9th July 2021 at 6pm

We can only have 6 people upstairs and 6 downstairs for the opening, but hopefully if it is not raining we can serve refreshments outside. The event will finish at 7.30 or 8.30pm

Exhibition ends Friday 3rd September

The Peace of Wild Places – July 2021

As a painter I have always sought out wild expanses, the vast open moorlands of the North York Moors or dramatic coastlines of the north for artistic inspiration.

Over the past 18 months when all our freedoms have been restricted, like so many I found myself seeking solace in the wild places I could find on my doorstep: a morning coffee taken on the doorstep in the morning sun watching a spider methodically weaving its web between a plant pot full of neglect and a wellie boot. The spider was completely at one with its environment knowing at once in that moment what it was supposed to be doing…. How that spider taught me a lesson!

Over the past lockdown when home-schooling and simply staying afloat financially became priorities my creative endeavours have shifted to focus on wider things; tree planting 1400 new native trees on our land, sowing seeds, teaching myself new things to do with my hands like crochet (maddeningly), making paints with natural materials and running for many miles through the landscape both around my home and on my beloved North York Moors.

Consequently, my relationship with nature has deepened as has my understanding of why I paint and what I am painting. That spider has taught me to trust my creative instincts, to pause when I need to, to explore when it is calling. Most importantly of all I have discovered the landscapes and I wildness that I need are as much within me as out there.

The contemporary American poet Wendell Berry sums it up best for me in his poem, ‘The Peace of Wild Things.’    Debbie Loane July 2021


The Peace of Wild Things : When despair for the world grows in me …..CLICK HERE






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