ECHOES – an exhibition of painting, printmaking, and ceramics

Opening on Saturday 16 April at 11am

SALLY CLARKE – collagraphs

EMMA WHITELOCK – painting, drawings and printmaking

GERRY GRANT – pottery

Please join the artists between 11am and 2.3opm for wine and soft drinks at the opening

Pyramid Gallery are bringing together the evocative work of two York Artists, Emma Whitelock and Sally Clarke in their Spring exhibition, ‘Echoes’.
Both women portray the female figure in atmospheric pieces, complimenting each other in their mood. Emma uses painting and printmaking, creating enigmatic works which combine pathos and memory with a deep connection to the Yorkshire landscape. Sally is a printmaker, interested in how process can naturally evolve an image, her figures very much the focus in their dreamlike settings. 

Sally Clarke – Artist’s Statement

After taking my Fine Arts Degree I worked in various media in a tight illustrative style. Almost twenty ears ago I began printmaking to try and free up this style, it was then that I discovered collagraphs. The fact that a collagraph plate can be made with an unlimited amount of different materials giving endless room for experimentation was exciting. I also enjoyed the unpredictability of printmaking.

I have always used the human figure in my work, I can’t imagine otherwise. In the posture, expression, situation and location of that figure I hope to evoke a certain mood and emotive response. The themes in my imagery are taken from personal experiences, books that I have read, or anything that I am interested in at the time from Green Men to Early English Painting. However, the initial idea often plays a small part as I encourage the imagery to evolve freely.

In the early days of my printmaking I blended the inks together on one plate, I then went on to use the viscosity method of adding colour. I am now using multiple plates, which gives me the scope to use intaglio inking and roll ups and a chance to explore the qualities of the inks. In the near future I plan to work with drypoint and etching.


Emma Whitelock – Artist’s Statement

Emma studied Art alongside English Literature at the University of York St John, specialising in printmaking. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree and the University’s Humanities Prize, she won a British Academy Scholarship to undertake an interdisciplinary MA by Research in English with History of Art at the University of York. After a subsequent career in Education Marketing, followed by a break for motherhood, Emma combines painting, printmaking and photography, which inform and compliment one another.
Her work portrays enigmatic scenes on the theme of Woman-Landscape-Time. The countryside and coast of Emma’s native Yorkshire act as a theatre, often depicted on the borderland between day and night, when reality is more obscure. There she focuses on a lone female presence, evoking a connection to the landscape. The curves of body and hair mirror the flowing lines of nature and contrast with ancient structural features. Her work draws on the tensions between setting and figure, drama and ethereality, line and texture, using a colour palette of dusky purple-greys and watery blue-blacks illuminated by flashes of ochre, turquoise and magenta. Statuesque, the figures are timeless expressions of memory and pathos. Yorkshire becomes like Hardy’s Wessex – echoing female stories.


Sally Clarke and Emma Whitelock
Sally Clarke and Emma Whitelock
Selection of Emma Whitelock and Gerry Grant's work
Selection of Emma Whitelock and Gerry Grant’s work
Sally Clarke collagraphs
Sally Clarke collagraphs
Emma Whitelock acylic and mixed media, Gerry Grant ceramics
Emma Whitelock acylic and mixed media, Gerry Grant ceramics
Selection of Gerry Grant's ceramics
Selection of Gerry Grant’s ceramics
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