Good Rabbits Gone – rabbit art for Gambia by Bertt deBaldock

I have been scribbling cartoons of this rabbit since 1995. It started with a family wall hanging. Elaine suggested we make one using a canvas sheet and textile paints. Eli and Suzy who were 11 and 9 had a pet rabbit and 27 gerbils. I made a stencil of this rabbit and then never stopped drawing it. Mostly as a cartoon Christmas Card, which have created every year since 1995.

When David Bowie died on 10 January 2016, I felt that something had been taken away. He was too young. In fact only 9 years older than me! I drew the rabbit with the famous red and blue slash across his face. Then I created a twitter account and put the picture on there. Soon after, Terry Wogan died and then Glen Frey. I did them as rabbits too.

During Lockdown 1 in the covid pandemic, I compiled 64 of these rabbit pictures into a book. I had 400 printed and offered them to people in return for a donation of £10 or so to St Leonard’s Hospice in York. At time of writing this in Feb 2021, I have paid over £1700 to St Leonard’s and have more in a box that I cannot yet take in for counting.

I have friends in Gambia, Mam and Ndey. Gill and I met them on two separate trips – they play and sing at an Italian restaurant in Kotu Beach. Mam is blind and plays guitar, learning everything by ear. Ndey plays a seed pod shaker . They are lovely people. The second time we went to Kotu, about 5 years after the first visit. Mam knew we were in the restaurant. He could hear us applauding and talking. On both visits we played a song with him to the restaurant

Covid has hit Gambia hard. No tourists. Mam cannot work, because he is blind. Ndey tells me that her daughter died a few years ago, leaving 5 children that she is now bringing up (the husband left and does not provide for his kids).

They have no money and their landlord threatens to evict them from their very basic home. So I am selling the drawings on her and given the money to Mam and Ndey. So far I have given them £40 every months since April 2020. But it’s not enough.  If you would like to have one or more of these drawings, please buy a picture for £15  here or phone me on 01904 641187 to pay £30 and I will send you 4 drawings of your choice, each one an original, signed in pencil and numbered (in an edition of 100)

Or you might prefer to purchase via this crowdfunding website

Thank you for reading…. Terry (aka Bertt deBaldock)

This was made about three weeks ago (after looking at the video, press the BACK button to get back here)



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