Exhibition of cartoons and caricatures

I need to report a panic attack! cartoons and caricatures exhibition

EXHIBITION opens Friday 6 September at 6pm

with cartoonist DAVID HALDANE

please join DAVID HALDANE with work by sculptors JOANNA COUPLAND, SARAH SAUNDERS, MORAG REEKIE,KATE TOMS, GWEN VAUGHAN at 6pm for wine and nibbles


I need to report a panic attach, exhibition by DAVID HALDANE




I’ve worked as a Pottery technician and Tutor of Ceramics for over twenty years. I have thoroughly enjoyed passing on my knowledge of the subject to others but after losing my mum to a brain tumour in February 2016 I decided it was time to do something brave, something for myself.
I therefore decided to leave Education and focus on producing my own work. A decision i am so far enjoying a lot.
I am a figurative Ceramicist working mainly with the construction of slabs. I make mostly human forms but there is always an animal hanging around somewhere in there. I colour my pieces using slips, oxides and underglazes and I fire to stoneware temperatures.

I have always been interested in simplifying the form. I like Folk Art sculpture with its sometimes strange proportions and simple shapes and line. I like the way pieces are often highly decorated and because of their age and the materials and techniques used these will often be faded and chipped with beautiful patina.I love how all this oddity all this patterning makes you look…just a little longer.
I want people to do this with my work. I want to make pieces of work that look like they’ve had a life, a story, a past. I want to create this through the form, texture and decoration.

I want to tell a tale

Sarah Saunders Ceramics



A world of Characters and their narratives, created by Devon based mixed media artist Kate Toms



MORAG REEKIE cast glass

I studied Sculpture at Sheffield Hallam University using mixed media and graduated in 2002 with a B.A Hons Fine Art Sculpture. Since then I have been painting whilst bringing up my three children in Norwich. I am now concentrating on sculpture in glass using the lost wax casting (using ‘Pate de verre’) technique.

For the last couple of years I have been working with my father, glass artist David Reekie, as an apprentice/labourer and have been producing my own work. I am an active member of the Contemporary Glass Society, exhibiting work in their online exhibitions and have also been picked to exhibit my work in a few of their selected exhibitions. At the same time I have work in other UK commercial galleries. These are listed on my gallery page!

My body of work reflects my family life; these mischievous, colourful glass sculptures have evolved from drawings inspired by playing with my children. I want my work to be bright, childlike, and playful, each piece subtly hinting at the emotions, feelings and thoughts I have in day to day life. The trolleys are carrying objects, found or made by myself, to represent certain chapters in my life. I would like the viewer to be drawn to the sweet, cheeky individual characters of these mice and hope they raise a smile!

With my more recent work, I have incorporated found objects with my glass mice. I like to use old discarded or found items which have an unknown history and a story to tell. Finding these objects gives me inspiration and ideas for my work. Transforming them into a pieces of art, changing their purpose and giving them a new lease of life. In doing so, I want my pieces of sculpture to tell their own stories. see here for more MORAG REEKIE

On the Edge II cast glass mouse with wire and wood

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