JOHN & JUDE JELFS ceramic artists opening 9 September 2016

John and Jude Jelfs are based in Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire where they run their ceramic workshop, The Cotswold Pottery.

John studied ceramics at Cheltenham College of Art and his work is influenced by that of Bernard Leach, Hamada Shoji and the Eastern School of pottery. His pots are all hand-thrown, and the focus has always been on pure form with decoration kept to a minimum. John uses several different kilns for firing his pottery types, a stoneware gas kiln, a soda kiln for vapour firing as well as a large wood-fired kiln located nearby. For his glazes, he likes to use ingredients local to the studio such as celadon, ochre and wood ash.

Jude Jelfs studied Fine Art, and became a potter when she married John. Her hand-built ceramics combine pottery with painting and sculpture, and range from flat, almost two-dimensional, slab-built vessels, in earthenware or porcelain, to 3-dimensional stoneware pieces. Her work is mainly figurative in form, with some pieces made in editions or series whilst others are one-offs. Jude also makes figurative sculpture in bronze.



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