Lesley Seeger – An Antidote to an English winter, exhibition

 Saturday 27 January 2017 at 11am

please join the artist Lesley Seeger, Crispian Heath and Eoghan Bridge at the launch of the exhibition ‘An antidote to an English winter’

with sculpture by Tom Payne and Eoghan Bridge and new paintings by Lesley Seeger, glass by Lara Hart and Crispian Heath and signed copies of Lesley Seegers book ‘Coming Home’

An antidote to an English Winter, with paintings by Lesley Seeger
An antidote to an English Winter, with paintings by Lesley Seeger


Book launch at Pyramid Gallery for 'Coming Home' by Lesley Seeger
Book launch at Pyramid Gallery for ‘Coming Home’ by Lesley Seeger

When the world is rushing by

I am standing alone in a field

paints in bag



Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1958 Seeger spent her formative years roaming free in the small village of  Ponteland when it was still a quiet backwater. Holidays were spent on the  Scottish and Northumbrian coast. At the age of nine she moved to North Yorkshire. Being emerged in landscape and the natural world from an early age made a lasting impression and became the main influence and inspiration for her painting.

Interested in capturing a sense of place, she works in the first instance in ‘plein air’, within the landscape. The work is then taken back to the studio to be developed.  The result is a hybrid between the real and imagined. There is a narrative sense to Seeger’s work, as though you are stepping into an unfinished story. Her refined sense of colour, delicate mark making and imaginative re-interpretation of what she sees are hallmarks of her painting.

A painter for twenty years, Seeger’s work has been exhibited widely and is in public and private collections at home and abroad.


This exhibition includes prints of many of the images in Seegers  first book, a mid-career retrospective of her work, ‘Coming Home.’  Here you can see well known places such as Castle Howard, Burton Agnes Hall and The Yorkshire Arboretum imbued with Seegers  ethereal vision. Included also are new paintings of Northumberland such as Bamburgh and Alnwick castles and Bamburgh beach. These paintings make up part of her ‘Special Places in the North’ collection.


Exhibition starts sat 28th and continues until 12 March 2017
Exhibition starts sat 28th January and continues until 12 March 2017

TOM PAYNE ‘the Grunt Senator’ sculptor

by Tom Payne
by Tom Payne

My sculptures are generally figurative and built using coiling techniques in high-grog crank clay. I concentrate on poise and character rather than realism but like my figure to be easily recognisable so that people can relate to them. My finishing is normally quite rough as I like to show the surface and making-marks such as fingerprints. Each figure is a one-off piece, however they exist in themes and groupings.

I graduated from University for the Creative Arts (formerly, The Kent Institute of Art & Design) in 2000 and have gone on to become a self-employed sculptor and model maker. I have been exhibiting and selling my work for more than 10 years in galleries throughout England as well as selling through various fairs and galleries in London and abroad.

I have also produced public exhibitions, most notably for the Natural History Museum and the Grant Museum (University of London), and specifically commissioned models for television adverts (MTV). I have contributed to charity fund raising activities such as a charity auction at Christie’s.

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