LESLEY SEEGER York Artist exhibition opens 6pm Friday 2 December

Coming Home

Book launch and signing

with an exhibition of the artist’s limited edition prints from the book, plus some original paintings

please join Lesley Seeger between 6 and 8pm for the launch of her book with foreword by Pyramid Gallery’s Terry Brett

Foreword to ‘Coming Home’ by Terry Brett of Pyramid Gallery…….

This book is a celebration of the pleasure of looking and seeing.  And the art of conveying to others that pleasure. It is joyous collection of riotous colours, lively patterns and Yorkshire scenes. And that is how I feel when just looking at the book. The actual paintings are mostly large canvases with richly layered acrylic paint. The book can never quite capture the experience of looking at the paintings, but it does very well at explaining it all.

A feature of Lesley Seeger’s work, particularly the earlier work, is the instantaneous effect of the carefully considered colours and patterns. Some might choose to never look beyond this and enjoy the paintings purely as decorative art. The artist would not disapprove of that. Having studied and  worked for many years as an Art Psychotherapist for the NHS in York, she knows the value of the deeply fundamental effect of colour on the emotions. But those who have spent time considering the nature of her paintings will enjoy reading in this book about Lesley Seeger the person and artist. As she states in her question and answer session, the first fifteen years of her career were dedicated to the exploration of pattern and colour, sometimes inspired by visits to India, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Egypt. I find myself imagining the artist painting patterns over and over again, and having to control a frenzied passion for her subject as she works at 4 canvases at a time. I always find it reassuring to know that art requires dedication, stamina and effort!

The early floral paintings were much loved in her adopted home town of York and the language that she had developed became the foundation for a transformation into landscapes following her move out to the Yorkshire Wolds.  Since that move, her art career has progressed rapidly. She works to commission and also exhibits her work in prestigious galleries in Northern England, including ‘According to Magee’ in York and ‘The Biscuit Factory’ in Newcastle. With the launch of this book, she is about to show her work in ‘Pyramid Gallery’ in York for the fifth time since 2009.

The artist has a dedication to her painting that stems from an appreciation of poetry, classical piano, travel,  art from many cultures, colour and the natural world all bound together by a deep sense of spirituality. The works that are illustrated here are informed by all those things and the words she uses to describe those influences are revealing and inspiring. This is not just a catalogue of her art. It is a description of the mind of a true artist.

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