MICK LEACH exhibition of abstract paintings

Exhibition opens Saturday 18 May 2019

Please join him at the exhibition opening between 11am and 3pm

Mick Leach is a self taught artist based in York.

“I had a regular high school education in Rochdale (Lancashire) where I took GCSE Art and attended Oldham Sixth Form College where I studied Graphic Design in 2001/2002. This was by no means the beginning of my artistic career, however, as I ended up with a job on the Railway once I finished college; where I have been working ever since.

I begin by mixing white acrylic pain with french chalk powder (AKA whiting) and PVA glue. This is applied to the MDF panel in layers and then sets to create a hard textured surface. Once I have my first few layers in place and they have dried, I will apply conte crayon powder or charcoal powder to highlight the textures of the layers. I repeat the process as well as adding colour with acrylic paints.

I will strip layers back with wet cloths or sand paper in order to reveal hidden colours or textures until the image feels finished.

This is the same for all of my work and so I tend to describe it as – Acrylic & French Chalk Powder / Mixed Media on MDF Panel.

I use MDF because it holds my mixture perfectly and allows me to work with it in the way that I want. Canvas or paper just don’t suit my method of working. “

Window in Barcelona 60x 60cm acrylic painting on board
Courtyard, mixed media by Mike Leach 120 x 40cm
Painting by Mike Leach
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