Moth & Magpie – upcycled jewellery by Ruth Claydon

Ruth Claydon – Exhibition starts Sat 26 September 2015 at 11am

‘I have always been a bit of a magpie, drawn irresistibly to anything shiny’ says Ruth Claydon,  explaining why she sells her jewellery made from remnants of old and broken jewellery under the quirky title  Moth and Magpie. ‘It seemed a fitting name, representing creatures following  their flights of fancy, be it toward  metal, silk or moonshine’.  ‘I’ve been collecting beads since I was a child, and I’m still using some of these in my current creations. To me, something is valuable not just because of its material but due to the memories it holds and to the way it has been treasured by others and helped them live their stories.’  The art is in weaving together elements from different eras (and even continents) to produce something original, wearable and beautiful in a way that makes the materials look as if they have always belonged together. This takes patient gathering, much musing and a desk piled high with tools, findings, chains, wires and anything that can be salvaged and reused.  With a background in antique dealing and a degree in Fine Art, Ruth enjoys the heritage and culture of York, where she has lived for the last 7 years. After exhibiting with York Open Studios for a second year this April, Ruth is delighted to be showing her work  at Pyramid Gallery, which can be found on Stonegate, right in the heart of York. ‘It seems like the ideal setting for showing jewellery created in York with many components also sourced in York. I’ve been part of the Pyramid Gallery team for 2 years now, so to also be exhibiting here is hugely exciting’.  Ruth Claydon, September 2015