Muted Worlds – exhibition of Paintings and Ceramics January 2021

Opened on January 21st 2021  as an online exhibition

A lockdown exhibition
Birch & Stubbs
Pots & Paintings


Lesley Birch and Emily Stubbs return to the gallery.


“We are delighted to have been invited by Terry once again to create another Pots & Paintings Show for 2021. This time we shall be online and it’s a more muted edge – Winter is here and with it Covid and another lockdown – so we feel the need for simplicity. We have collaborated to produce monochrome pieces inspired by Winter.” Emily Stubbs & Lesley Birch 2021
Expect exciting expressive mark-making, beautiful soft greys, earths, charcoals, and sage greens with occasional pops of colour – landscape and abstract pieces inspired by Winter – the forms and lines of the natural world.


Exhibition online from 21st January 2020



Working from Pica Studios in the centre of historic York, Emily Stubbs creates contemporary ceramic vessels which are concerned with exploring the relationship between colour, form and texture. Fascinated by the juxtaposition of contrasting elements in her work, Emily creates conversations between vessels by placing them together or in groups. Constantly sketching, drawing and collaging to experiment with line, colour, texture and mark making, Emily translates this process into clay, building up layers of ceramic slips, glazes and stains.


Muted Worlds:

Stepping away from my usual brightly coloured glazes, Muted Worlds has allowed me to really focus and concentrate on creating rich layers of mark making. Bold brush strokes, blocks of monochrome and areas of scraffito inspired by the wintery walks around York through lockdown. Resulting in a new collection of vessels created alongside and inspired by paintings by fellow artist Lesley Birch.


Lesley Birch is a Scottish painter & printmaker currently based in York, UK.  Her work is an interpretation of

feelings and emotions connected to time & place.  Calligraphic scribbles and expressive sweeping brush marks flow

on paper and canvas straddling the boundary between abstraction and figuration.

“The fact that certain combinations of colours, certain marks and movements can convey an atmosphere –

that is the joy of painting for me – that exciting moment when materiality and emotion meet.” Lesley Birch

The paintings shown here are currently at the artist’s studio in York and will appear in Pyramid Gallery when the current ‘Lockdown’ ends. These paintings can be purchased now and will be delivered by courier or by the artist if the purchaser is in York. Please phone Terry on 078 0502 9254 for any further information

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