PETER LAYTON at 80, celebrates 40 years with London Glassblowing




Pyramid Gallery’s celebratory exhibition  features the work of London Glassblowing artists: Anthony Scala, Jochen Ott, Bruce Marks, Laura McKinley, Cathryn Shilling, Louis Thompson, Layne Rowe and Tim Rawlinson.

glass sculpture by Tim Rawlinson
PARALLAX glass sculpture by Tim Rawlinson


Here is a link to a great short film by the Evening Standard, that celebrates the 40th anniversary of London Glassblowing.

Exhibition runs until sun 27 Nov
Exhibition runs until sun 27 Nov

Peter Layton, born in Prague and bought up in England, originally trained in ceramics at the Central School of Art and Design in London. But the discovery of hot glass whilst teaching ceramics at the University of Iowa took him down a different creative path. He was inspired by the immediacy of this engaging yet elusive medium, and as much by the demanding process as the magical qualities of the material. Each piece represents an adventure and a challenge to control form and colour, while allowing the fluidity of the glass to contribute its own qualities and characteristics.

Peter Layton’s work is organic and tactile, striving to achieve a form of controlled asymmetry. His series evolve by ‘sketching on the blowing iron’ in the belief that an understanding of the work is best achieved through making. An inveterate beachcomber, his work is often drawn from some aspect of nature or something observed while travelling.

Peter has been continuously at the forefront in promoting this magical and versatile medium and established London Glassblowing in 1976 showcasing the work of exceptional glass artists. More recently he has formed Peter Layton and Associates Limited enabling him to work on a more ambitious scale combining stainless steel and glass as commissioned sculptures for architectural settings


Peter Layton beside his latest piece, Blue Burano.



A selection of Peter Layton’s glass in our front exhibition room, with his daughter Sophie’s prints hung on the wall



Peter and Terry taking a closer look at one of Peter’s most recent pieces, Blue Burano – blown glass with white cane trails
London Glassblowing featured artists work currently being exhibited in our front room.





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