Peter Layton’s Sunflower series, a celebration of 40 years of glassmaking

Friday September 8th, 6.30pm

Pyramid Gallery is thrilled to be one of the few select UK galleries exhibiting Peter Layton’s exciting new series ‘Sunflowers’. In celebration of London Glassblowing’s 40th year , this is his third collaboration with the National Gallery, on this occasion he captures the essence of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ in glass.

In this exciting new series, Peter has translated qualities of the Dutch painter’s masterpiece to glass, floating his radiant sunflowers on a cool blue background and conjuring the landscape of Southern France.

“I regard Van Gogh as one of the greatest painters of all time. Interpreting his ‘Sunflowers’ in glass has been both enormously challenging and extremely rewarding. I am delighted to release this new series with our partner galleries across the UK this September.” – Peter Layton

we will also be letting you know about linking up with Peter via Facebook in a live chat where he will be talking about the making of ‘Sunflowers’ – date to be announced


Peter Layton’s Sunflower series


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