Opening Thursday 11 July 2024

meet the artist/actor STEVE HUISON between 4pm and 7pm

Thursday 11 July


Meet STEVE HUISON on Thursday 11 July at 4pm to 7pm
Steve Huison – artist and actor

Artist Steve Huison (probably best known as an actor in such productions as The Full Monty and Coronation Street) has put together a collection of 12 small oil portraits of colleagues in the profession of acting, musicians who have inspired him, an adventurous chef and a famous clown.

All the notes on this page are written by the artist.



Artist and actor Steve Huison is best known for his roles in such productions as The Full Monty and various television productions . But prior to his success as an actor, Steve had been studying at art school. It was near the end of a 30 month stint in Coronation Street that he rediscovered his talent as a portrait artist culminating in a charity event featuring portraits of members of the cast.

‘The end of my 30 month stint at Coronation Street seemed a valuable opportunity to capture portraits of some of the cast. I wanted to try and portray them as the people I had got to know rather than their better known characters. The extensive publicity turned out to be a good kickstarter for my evolving post-soap career’.

‘Other art forms constantly distract my attention and ignite new ideas for me, which I am never short of. Once they’re in there rattling around in my mind I have to try them out. Consequently I can turn my hand to a variety of creative outlets including acting, stand-up, singing, drawing , painting, sculpting, carving, magic, escapology, and a variety of musical instruments’

Steve has been focussing on portrait painting for the past 10 years when his acting roles allow. While living in Robin Hood’s Bay he ran regular portrait drawing classes for complete beginners, an activity he has now moved to West Yorkshire since moving in 2023. The move followed filming for the new FULL MONTY series by DISNEY+ in which he reprieved his role as a much older version of ‘Lomper’. Some of the other Full Monty actors (Paul Barber, Arnold Oceng and Wim Snape are subjects for 3 of the portraits in this show)


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