Dylan Bowen

Dylan Bowen is best known for his expressive slipware pieces that are often abstract in form and decorated with coloured slips that may be poured, trailed or brushed across the surfaces. He has exhibited widely in the UK including Saatchi Gallery and National galleries in Scotland and England.

When Terry visited Dylan to pick up a collection of Monsters, he asked him what he thought about when making their faces…


‘They just come out. They are not designed or influenced by anything, they come to me. I then try to make them look scary, but none of them ever are. I like the ones on which the facial features are not so obvious.’

Dylan Bowen’s Monsters in production

They represent something in us. Humans are mostly imperfect and must look a bit weird and awkward to other creatures. But most of us are quite vulnerable and soft, emotional creatures. Do we look scary to, say, a Peregrine Falcon? In comparison we are poorly constructed and quite inadequate, but we act as if we are mightier and superior. A falcon would probably judge us all to be quite ugly and not at all impressive.


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