Philip Evans

Philip Evans ceramic artist

Philip has been making pots for over thirty years and has a pottery at The Round House Gallery, Derbyshire which he established in 1989 with his wife Leah. Philip has gradually moved away from throwing porcelain and larger thrown work to hand building. The scale has become smaller and brighter in colour. He is particularly interested in textures and worn surfaces. Inspiration for his work has developed from taking photographs completing endless drawings and experimenting with various coloured clays and materials via test tiles. His work is fired in an electric oxidising kiln to 1240 degrees centigrade. The majority of pieces are usually rubbed down after the biscuit firing and often multi-fired to build up different colours and textures. Gold leaf is often used to highlight small areas of work. None of his pieces are functional or intended to be used for food or liquids.
Philip’s work has also been auctioned at Lyon and Turnbull, London, Mallams, Oxford, Moore Allen and Innocent, Cirencester, Charles Hanson, Derby, and Chorley’s, Prinknash Abbey. Philip has also exhibited at Chatsworth House, Sudbury Hall, and Wardlow Mires Food and Pottery Festival, Derbyshire.

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