Pyramid Gallery owner, Terry has a particular fascination with glass, and visits makers whenever he can, buying pieces for the gallery that excite him. Over the past two decades or so,  the gallery has represented 169 glass makers and sold almost 10,000 pieces of glass, including 32 cast optical glass sculptures by Colin Reid and nearly 100 pieces by London Glassblowing Studio makers who are frequent exhibitors at the gallery.

‘In 2008 I worked with the Contemporary Glass Society and glass collector Alan Poole on an exhibition called ‘Melting Point’, to which 70 glass makers submitted their work for selection in the show. This was a turning point for the gallery. We have since run a further exhibition with The Cohesion Network and during 2015 another CGS show called ‘Ripples: Glass inspired by nature. This was followed by another collaboration with CGS in 2017 ‘Water & Music’ featuring 27 selected glass artists inspired by the 300th anniversary of Handel’s Water Music. In October 2016 Pyramid Gallery also hosted an exhibition marking Peter Layton’s 80th birthday and the 40th anniversary of London Glassblowing’.

We are pleased to be collaborating with CGS once more in an exhibition opening 17th November 2018. ‘Winter’ is an exhibition comprising 30 selected glass artists, inspired by frost, ice, snow and crisp winter days. More information can be found here.

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