Katherine Huskie

Katherine Huskie is owner of Huskie Glass and co-owner of Devereux & Huskie Glassworks LTD. Huskie’s work has a strong identity with form and pattern, whether it is technique or form driven. She is always searching for new influences and how she can incorporate the imagery within hot glass. Huskie has travelled with her glass spending a year working in Australia learning new techniques and gathering experiences and ideas.

Katherine Huskie and James Devereux started Devereux & Huskie Glassworks in September 2013, the studio is a space for deisgners and artists to realise their ideas in Glass. In the studio they produce glass some of the UKs best known artists including Peter layton, Louis Thompson and Rachael Woodman. Alongside the studio Katherine also teaches glass blowing at The Glass Hub and London Glassblowing
ECHINUS – This range is designed with my love of making glass and the textures you can create with the hand tools. Each ridge is created by squeezing the glass while it is molten meaning each piece is truly individual. The ridges make the glass tactile and drawing the viewer in to stroke the glass

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