Partners - Contemporary Glass Exhibition 2019

Partners – A Contemporary Glass Exhibition features some thirty pieces of work by Peter Layton, alongside some very special pieces by his team at London Glassblowing, who are Jochen Ott, Cathryn Shilling, Laura McKinley, Layne Rowe, Louis Thompson, Bruce Marks, Elliott Walker, Tim Rawlinson, Hanne Enemark and Anthony Scala.

This special exhibition marks 25 years since Terry Brett took over Pyramid Gallery in Stonegate. His very first sale was a beautiful white glass flask made by Peter Layton and sold to a German collector. Terry’s passion for this art form was born on that day and since then Pyramid has continuously shown the work of Peter Layton and artists at London Glassblowing.

Pyramid is known to London Glassblowing as a ‘Partner’ gallery, a status that Terry regards as a privilege and denotes a special bond with the UK’s premier studio for glass artists. This exhibition is called ‘Partners’ to celebrate a remarkable relationship traversing 25 years.

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