Sandra Young

I have three main passions in life, reading, the natural world and glass. These passions serve to give a positive balance to the day to day darker more negative influences on my life, from the ever present world problems and to those nearer to home. Creating something in such an intense and involving way that glasswork entails and that brings such a positive response to others gives me hope and a sense of wellbeing.
Although my love of the first two came before my introduction to glass, glass has become my way of expressing the other two.
I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction which led me to make dragons and fantasy creatures. I am still creating these after more than 30 years as they fascinate me and I am deeply involved in the intensity of creating them, particularly the larger sculptures as shown in my first image. Dragons are incredibly powerful Images to my mind and -I believe –to many others, being found in cultures all across the world. They continue to evolve in my sculptures. It still feels like magic to me when I work and complete a piece.

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