Adrienne French

I have worked as an artist since graduating B.A (Hons) in Art & Design in 2000
My work over the last few years is concerned primarily with interpretations of landscape, based on observations and memory of time spent both here in the UK and abroad, and nearer home walking on the North York Moors ,Dales, and Wolds throughout the year.
Each year I choose a new county of Britain to explore and this visit often results in a new body of work. Together with journeys abroad these landscapes have provided a never ending source of inspiration. The range of mixed media and colour I use in my work reflects the textures and marks found in these landscapes I enjoy working both in the media of both printmaking and painting
I work from memory using sketch books and photographs as an aide often ending up with a finished piece that is sometimes abstract or semi-abstract I may end up concentrating on a small element in the landscape or on the vast expanse but nearly always finish with a multi-layered piece with surface texture and sumptuous colour

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