Chrissie Dell

Chrissie Dell first studied printmaking in the early 70s but only set up her studio in 2013 after further study at Leith School of Art (Edinburgh) and Edinburgh Printmakers.
Chrissie Dell is an artist printmaker inspired by the countryside and living environment. Fascinated by natural forms and a sense of place –the lie of the land the flora and fauna all influence the design and abstraction seen in Chrissie’s prints. Using the patterns, curves and rhythms of the land she seeks to capture the spirit and her feelings for places
Chrissie has lived on the west coast of Scotland and North Yorkshire. She has had the opportunity to travel extensively including Japan, Ghana and New Zealand. The natural beauty, colour, tones and texture of the landscapes are a prime influence on her work.
Chrissie makes multi-layered monoprints, monotypes and collagraphs using techniques including collage, viscosity, stencils, natural pigments and materials to create textural prints. She also enjoys making Moku-Hanga woodcuts which she prints on Japanese papers. An exciting new development for Chrissie was learning to make paper from the Harakeke plant (New Zealand Flax) which she loves to print on.
• a member of York Printmakers and York Artworkers Association.
• taken part in York Open Studios twice
• taken part in exhibitions in Edinburgh and York

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