Jo Ruth

My imagery focuses on our native and visiting birds, those we see in and around our homes and gardens. Having lived for many years in major cities I am amazed at the variety of wildlife in our built up, busy environments. Birds calling territorially amongst the beeps and whirrs of urban life seemingly oblivious to the constant ebb and flow of nearby traffic.

It has been a great pleasure watching the antics of House Sparrows, Long Tailed Tits, and Bullfinches as they compete for food in amongst the trees and shrubs of the garden. Having relocated to York I am still getting to know our ‘patch’ and the wonderful birdlife within it, both on the doorstep and within the spectacular landscapes of North Yorkshire – a rich source of inspiration.

Working as both a painter and printmaker these images are made using stencils created from my original drawings of birds. I spray and stipple paint through the stencils and layer the images with textural backgrounds. Once made, the stencil can be ‘reprinted’ in a variety of ways, allowing me to develop the image further and create a variety of unique images.
Stencils give a graphic characteristic to my paintings. The quality of line in my original drawings is vital to the outcome of the final stencil and a key element in capturing the character of the birds.

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