Linda Combi

Linda Combi was born in San Francisco, California, but was drawn to Europe in a quest for Art and Romance. She has worked as an illustrator for many years and has been asked to produce work on many subjects, including her adopted county of Yorkshire.

Her humorous illustrations have appeared in The Observer Magazine, The Times, the Independent on Sunday, Tatler Magazine, and Sainsbury’s Magazine, as well as in illustration exhibitions. She continues to exhibit work in a range of media, from graphic collages to 3D Assemblages.

Linda regards laughter as one of the essential ingredients for survival in today’s world, believing that humour can burst pomposity and undermine prejudice. Some of her recent work employs various types of humour, ranging from gentle mockery to angry satire. For example, “The Brits” series is a celebration that explores the variety of traditions and eccentricities Linda has observed over the years: the love of gardening, cricket, pantomime, pub-crawls and dog walking.

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