Clare Taylor

Clare Taylor has had a varied career, graduating in Art History and English Literature, then acting in repertory theatres, before qualifying as a barrister. She has also run a market stall in Portobello Road, and been a producer, director and writer for the BBC, then finally 10 years ago she returned to painting.

Clare likes to paint people in urban and rural settings; the place an individual finds themselves in is often at odds with what they feel or where they want to be. She is interested in moments of suspension; bodies losing balance; freedom and grace versus loss of control and fear of the fall: risk. This is most apparent in her series of paintings depicting women, either fallen, or falling.

Falling in love, falling down, both involve uncontrollable trajectory. In both life and art we seek balance, but in the fall we’re faced with the physical body hurtling towards some unknown end, which might be immensely painful, even fatal, and often shocking. Yet during that physical trajectory there can be elation and grace, the body describing arcs which to the person falling can feel magical, mystifying, but also maybe terrifying as the ground approaches, with the inevitable hit of hard reality.

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