Debbie Loane

Debbie Loane is a painter and mixed media artist working in the North Pennine regions of County Durham and the North York Moors. As a painter who also comes from a largely agricultural background, Debbie constantly challenges herself to create work which acknowledges the romantic splendour of the Northern landscape, whilst at the same time being conscious that her work is rooted in the daily practicalities of rural life.

‘The immediacy and versatility allowed by the drawing process offers me the freedom and speed to concentrate on developing an essential language and understanding of what I perceive to constitute ‘place’. Some drawings have concentrated on developing a mark making system to reflect the unusual complexity of an area of land, while in others I have chosen to systematically build up layers and then remove them in order to mirror the physical processes at work in the landscape. Resulting works incorporate literal signs such a telegraph pole, pylon or landmark, while others give no indication of scale or orientation’.

Debbie Loane

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