Gill Douglas

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gill Douglas worked variously as a secretary and a social worker before completely changing direction at the age of  27. After five years at art college, in 1976 she qualified with a Diploma in Theatre Design at Nottingham and then came to York to work as a designer for the Theatre Royal for a year.

A period of freelance designing followed and  in 1989 after a lengthy time of illness, she began to  paint again and started  working full-time as an Artist and Theatre Designer. By 1998 she was painting full-time . Since  2004 she has  been studying for a Diploma in Printmaking part-time at York College.  Now having bought her own printing press she works as a Painter/Printmaker from ‘The Lighthouse’, her studio and home, high above the bustling streets in the heart of York.

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