JJ Vincent ceramics

With a big reputation for his ‘off-the-wall’ caricatures of ceramic animals in Cambridge, J J Vincent has delighted visitors to the gallery, possibly even make you all smile. We hope so.

In his own words….

As an essentially self-taught artist, my natural tendency is to want to do, make and understand everything.

Knowing that this is probably a short cut to insanity, I have given myself a revised brief – Just make animals from mud. The mud I use is a sophisticated blend of nature’s materials, but still, just dirt and water. I initially thought that focusing on the animal kingdom might be a bit restricting, but if you include plankton and killer whales, not to mention occasional invented beasts, I think there will be enough to keep me busy.

I am fascinated by the fact that we can take the stuff that is lying about in, on and under the ground and with a bit of imagination, produce something that has the potential of recording our feelings and responses to the world around us. Ceramics in particular, has very durable qualities. It has the potential to last for decades, if not, centuries. I will probably not be around then, but it is reassuring to think that my fingerprints will be.

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