John & Dawn Field

John and Dawn Field are based in West Yorkshire, where they work both collaboratively and on their own individual pieces. John’s work is individually designed and one-off.  Rich natural colours and materials feature prominently in all these pieces, and are supplied by using exotic woods, amber, precious and semi-precious metals and stones. As a contrast to John’s more abstract work, Dawn draws on her Fine Art background and uses strong imagery in her jewellery. Over the years the theme of mythical animals has reoccurred in Dawn’s work. Recently for example, she has based some jewellery around the image of Pegasus.

The asymmetrical metal range is an example of John and Dawn’s collaborative work. Textures in the form of stencils are rolled into silver, which then has other shapes soldered onto it, then rather than making matching partners, one earring will have a vibrant, rich coloured stone attached and the other will have decoration in the form of some brass loops.


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