John Wheeler

Having been made redundant in 2006 after nearly 30 years in the chemical industry, I decided the time was right for me to do something I had always wished to do. I went to Teesside University to study Fine Art full time.

After three enjoyable years I graduated in 2009 with a First Class Honours Degree. I rented some studio space and began to paint.

I paint images of ordinary people in ordinary situations. They are people I see everyday, on a bus, on the train, sat in a cafe in conversation, or simply walking along the street. Images from magazines and the Internet. I have no idea who they are, for me they have no history.

I use the drawings so made to create an image, which is allowed to develop under the influence of my past experiences. Memories from my childhood or paintings that have inspired me.

Through this I hope to paint an image with which the viewer can have a dialogue. Perhaps an emotion, a memory or past experience is recaptured through the image. I do not attempt to capture a likeness of the person I have drawn, but use the said drawing as a starting point for my paintings..

John Wheeler 2012

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