Lesley Seeger Paintings

Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1958 Lesley Seeger has been painting full time for fifteen years and has exhibited throughout the UK and Northern Spain. After an Art foundation course at York College of Art and Technology and a couple of years at The Royal Court Theatre in London she completed a BA in English & Media at Southampton University where she specialized in Design in the media including theatre design. Several years in publishing were followed by a three year postgraduate diploma in Art Psychotherapy from the University of Sheffield.

Lesley has worked as a community artist in many fields including the probation service and the NHS, in both mental and physical health.  She has worked with an age range of four to a hundred and runs painting classes at York Art Gallery and in her home studio.

An exploration of colour is the cornerstone of her work.  Inspiration comes from nature, plant forms and inner and outer landscapes. Lesley is an intuitive artist with an interest in fresh forms of interpretation, working mostly with acrylic on canvas.


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