Peter Humpherson

A working life spent as a scientist has not interfered with Peter’s interest in ceramics. At the University of York, he played a key role in setting up an artists studio for staff and students and he worked closely with the potter Tara MacKee. Learning the basic skills of throwing and the preparation of glazes. These experiences and his enthusiasm for the visual arts, couple with his admiration for the work of David Lloyd Jones, planted the seed with Peter that he should leave the laboratory for the studio and become a potter.

From his studio in Haxby he now produces hand thrown pots in stoneware for use in the home. He makes pieces that are practical and yet which stimulate in a visual and tactile way. His simple yet creative approach results in an understanded elegance, and pots that can be used at the table or as ornamental statements in their own right.

A keen walker around the woodlands, moors and shores of remote parts of Scotland, Peter finds many natural reference points of textures and colours which connect with the making of stoneware pots. These are clearly evident in his work.


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