Stan Sandig

As a child I was attracted to the design of things, bridges, dams and in particular cars, inside and out. I took delight in shapes. I became an accountant, but retained an interest in all sorts of man-made forms. In time I focussed on sculpture and enjoyed the work of Epstein, Moore, Hepworth and more recently Gormley and Randall-Page.

By 2002 my wife and I had moved to York and became regular visitors to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. For a birthday present she bought me a one week stone carving course. I relished every minute of that week and produced a textured, multi-facetted boulder of which I was immensely proud.  That same year I had a serious accident which prevented me from pursuing my career and I turned to stone carving.

I have studied at York College and elsewhere and have found encouragement from skilled, inspirational tutors. I was fortunate to find a small space to work in Bar Lane Studios where I chisel away daily.  The company of fellow artists is both stimulating and supportive.

An extended trip to Paris last summer made me re-examine classical work, consider the simplicity of Brancusi and study techniques used by ancient non-western cultures. My work changes as a response to new influences and the development of new techniques.  Recently, my delight in Bas Relief has been reawakened and that is my current focus.


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