Catherine Hills

Charms and amulets are significant elements within Catherine’s jewellery designs. As a young girl her grandmother gave her a silver charm bracelet. Every year, this adored piece of jewellery would have a new charm added, thus captivating her imagination and providing the inspiration for much of her designs today. The mythical qualities of charms and amulets, their supposed ability to bring good fortune and to ward off the forces of evil, also contribute to Catherine’s  fascination of these beautiful and special pieces. Small decorative ‘seed-pod like’ charms and pendants, have become signature pieces of her work.


Catherine describes her style as ‘contemporary classic’. And that ‘it is both detailed, rhythmic, decorative and tactile; combining sensuous smooth shapes with highly textured surfaces, contrasting both positive and negative elements through both form and colour. The interchangeable elements in my production range, to allow the wearer to create different pieces as they see fit’.


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