Nick Hubbard

‘Magical’, ‘figurative’ and ‘whimsical’ are the descriptors for the jewellery of Nick Hubbard, his designs stand out with their messages of affection and happiness. Who could not be charmed by these intricate and detailed treasures made by members of the small family business, aka ‘ The Brick and Bean Team’  in Staffordshire. However, the Nick Hubbard story began in a small room in Birmingham’s historic  jewellery quarter, here Nick spent many years making tiny charms, combining oxidised silver, with silver and gold detailing; whilst also devoting his time to his wife Jean and his two daughters.

Sadly Nick passed away in 2013, yet his designs continue to sprinkle their magic through the family business that he left behind. Our customers here at Pyramid Gallery continue to be awed by the small moving parts that rotate or rock, and the secret doors that open to reveal tiny scenes within lockets.

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