Zoe Catherine Kendall

Zoe Catherine Kendall is a London formed, York based multidisciplinary artist and jeweller using paint, ceramics, metals, found and collected objects and a variety of techniques in a broad creative practice.

Her current jewellery and sculptural object collections are inspired by a connection between the jewellery adornment of past cultures and more modern hand crafted clay work, including her own family background in jewellery and studio pottery. Working in precious and non-precious metals, different clays, oxides, and found materials she explores the inter-relationships between these mediums.

Painting, drawing and photography allow for a more immediate response to inspiration found in the landscape, in other artists’ work and within the narrative of life and relationships. The resulting artwork is sometimes abstract, sometimes illustrative, often guided by language and always seeking to express the vitality of the human condition.

Zoe was originally inspired by an artistic upbringing and family, with a father who has dedicated his career to teaching art, photography and ceramics, a grandmother who made jewellery, a grandfather who led the ceramics and metalwork department at Camberwell College of Arts and a great grandfather, Bernard Leach, who played a significant role in 20th century art, shaping British studio pottery for successive generations.

After graduating from a Jewellery Design BA at Central Saint Martins in 2007, Zoe launched a jewellery collection which was represented by several independent galleries and larger shops in around London including Kabiri, Selfridges, The Last Tuesday Society and Johnny Rocket, receiving national and international press recognition. Since then her practice has become increasingly diverse.


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