Anonymous Figure III by David Reekie


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Anonymous Figure III

Signed by David Reekie February 2012

David’s ‘Anonymous Figures’ derive from abstracting the human figure, and thinking about other possibilities for the human form, whilst at the same time convey a sense of Dignity.

Approximate height 37cm / width 29cm / depth 15cm

A lost wax cast abstracted glass figure made by a complicated technique involving multiple firings with enamel colours melted into the glass at each stage.

Anonymous Figures
During a residency at the University of South Australia in Adelaide in 2009, I worked
on a series of abstracted figures based on the character of Ned Kelly and the images
of his exploits created in the paintings of Sidney Nolan. This series of work, Another
Kind of Dignity, led me think about other possibilities of abstracting the human form
that retained this sense of emotive dignity.
In the Anonymous Figures series I want the pieces to retain this sense of stature and
dignity through abstracted forms. I have also tried to create and suggest body
language and expression without the use perceived features. These pieces are very
complicated to make and are the result of several firings in the kiln. I have used a
lost wax glass casting process during which enamel colours are introduced into the
glass to produce all the elements of the form These are gradually fused together to
create the finished sculptural form.
David Reekie, January 2014



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