Aquarium by Peter Blake

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Published: 2009
Image Size: 750 mm X 520 mm
Paper Size: 958 mm X 712 mm
Edition Size: 100

Aquarium signed limited edition silkscreen print by British pop art legend Sir Peter Blake, part of the Classroom Suite.

Every single little fish (of which there must be hundreds in this piece) were cut-out from old reference and fishing books by hand. Sir Peter describes these “cutting” sessions as his relaxation time; he doesn’t consider it work. This attention to minute detail leads one to imagine that Sir Peter has a touch of ‘OCD’, so stringent is his perfectionism. The result was a visually arresting collage from which this silkscreen has been created. (Peter tells me that he still has plenty of fish left for cutting-out). Aquarium is so densely packed with fish it appears almost pattern-like, it could be an incredibly intricate wallpaper.

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