Balancing Figure Test2- cast glass sculpture by David Reekie


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Balancing Figure Test2 is a cast glass figure from a series of 3, coloured with enamel colours applied during the casting . Test 2 is a pink figure that has had an interesting colour transformation, which actually makes a quite beautiful piece.

David Reekie made these as trial pieces for a  group of three Balancing Figures for show in France on the summer 2020. These pieces were produced as a response to the Covid19 pandemic 2020.

I recently worked on a series of Balancing Figures for the Verriales show at the Galerie Internationale du Verre in Biot, France, back in July. In the making of this series I had three test pieces which I did not use for this show.  Though not perfect, they are three nice pieces and are being offered to collectors as Test pieces at prices that are very much lower than the three that were selected for the show.  David Reekie 2020

Signed by David Reekie June 2020



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