Blue Brown Interweave, screen print by Sandra Blow RA

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Sandra Blow RA (1925-2006) was one of the leading lights of the abstract art movement of the 1950s. Her works are often on a large scale and consist of abstract collages made up from cheap discarded materials such as sawdust, cut-out strips of old canvas, plaster and torn paper. The use of such materials is designed to create an expressive informality and promote a natural, organic feeling. Her works have a tactile as well as visual emphasis on surface, and her use of simple large geometric shapes lends a feeling of expansiveness and dynamism.

Sandra Blow was born in London in 1925, the daughter of a Kent fruit farmer whose orchards supplied retailers in Covent Garden. She left school at 15 and in 1940 entered St Martin’s School of Art. Shortly after the Second World War, Blow studied at the Royal Academy Schools, but in 1947 ventured further afield and lived in Italy for a year, where she met Alberto Burri, who was a significant influence on her work for the rest of her career.

Price for this screen print is quoted as unframed. Image size is 71 x 71cm.

This is a signed limited edition silkscreen print with collaged elements by the late renowned abstract artist Sandra Blow RA.  15 colours with 20 Collaged elements. Blow’s use of hessian-like cloth adds great texture to the picture surface and makes a beautiful contrast with the smooth coloured areas of the silkscreen.

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