Carolina – Amazon Parakeet Quill and Inkwell – blown glass by Layne Rowe


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Quill n Ink

fascination and love for birds started early when experiencing the release of trained pigeons, one of many species in Darwin’s studies.

Some of collection is based on only some of the most remarkable birds from all over the world where their feathers have evolved for all kinds of purposes, flight, insulation sexual attraction and camouflage.

Each ink well contains colourful ink to represent the wonderful studies of a species where beauty follows form. Each feather is Refined by pulling thin threads of glass numerous times and applying them hot enough to sculp

Carolina 31 cm tall

The Carolina parakeet. This  beautiful bird  originally from the amazon became extinct years ago where extinction is still a threat to many other animals in this forever depleting jungle. Click here for more about the Carolina Parakeet

Handmade by glass artist Layne Rowe


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