Cephalopod – flameworked glass Octopus by Elizabeth Welch


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Elizabeth Welch’s work is greatly inspired by natural forms, carefully using photos from researching trips and wildlife reference books. Each piece is made painstakingly by hand, using borosilicate glass; a hard glass mainly used in scientific and functional applications due to its strength and durability. 

Rods of Borosilicate glass are melted using a surface mix oxygen and propane torch to create colourful, quirky creatures and sculptures. Colour is given to the glass using various different metal oxides in particular silver,  gold and germanium oxides. Elizabeth buys and imports pre-coloured rods of Borosilicate glass from the USA to get consistent colour and compatibilities between the glasses. 

This magnificent Octopus is 45cm x 20cm x 15cm. Delivery needs to be considered before purchasing, so please phone the gallery on 01904 641187 or Terry on 078 0502 9254 to discuss. The price shown here is without delivery, which will be added at £40 when purchased. This covers delivery to mainland UK addresses, but only after the COVID19 lockdown has ended

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