COLIN REID Sunflowers R1954 cast optical glass

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I collected this new piece in 2019 from Colin’s studio in Stroud

It is the largest piece we have shown in Pyramid measuring  59 x 43cm . Cast optical glass with images of sunflowers that reflect inside the glass (it is triangular  shaped on top), with a stone base

In case you are wondering….  these pieces take 3 months to make. First a mould is made of the sunflowers, the optical glass (as used in camera lenses) is placed above the mould inside the kiln. It comes out of the kiln (could be a week or 3 weeks in there) with rough surfaces, Colin cuts the two faces back and front with a diamond wheel saw, uses a milling machine to get a true surface, then polishes each face. Polishing takes a week for each face. I am very fortunate to be able to buy this work, which is down to a 25 year relationship that Pyramid Gallery has with Colin.

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