COLIN REID Sunflowers R1999 cast optical glass

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Made in 2020, R1999 is the largest piece of glass we have in Pyramid measuring  59 x 43cm . Cast optical glass with images of sunflowers that reflect inside the glass (it is triangular  shaped on top), with a stone base

These pieces take 3 months to make. First moulds are made of the sunflowers, and the waxes  arranged in the rough shape of the final piece. Optical glass (as used in camera lenses) is placed above the mould inside the kiln, which melts and flows into the mould. It comes out of the kiln (could be a week or 3 weeks in there) with rough surfaces, Colin cuts the two faces back and front with a diamond wheel saw, uses a milling machine to get a true surface, then polishes each face. Polishing takes a week for each face. I am very fortunate to be able to buy this work, which is down to a 27 year relationship that Pyramid Gallery has with the artist.

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